Libby & Aaron – 6th March 2015, Newton Hall.

Couldn’t ask for a better couple than Libby & Aaron. The Spockers had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful couple at Newton Hall in which they loved the full look and decor!

Love birds met at the Pony Club Ball at 16 and 14 years old and they have been together since 2006! Libby looked amazing with her Clair Pettibone dress from Kathryn Trueman Morpeth and Emmy London shoes. As for Aaron he looked Dapper as ever in his REISS suit.

Libby, Aaron and Jake are a gorgeous family and we hope you enjoy these images for many years to come.

Flowers and table set by Finishing Touch
5ft Illuminated letters by Coco Luminaire.


Libby & Aaron-28 Libby & Aaron-197 Libby & Aaron-200 Libby & Aaron-262 Libby & Aaron-283 Libby & Aaron-302 Libby & Aaron-366 Libby & Aaron-396 Libby & Aaron-453 Libby & Aaron-543 Libby & Aaron-561 Libby & Aaron-753 Libby & Aaron-818 Libby & Aaron-1031 Libby & Aaron-1073 Libby & Aaron-1134 Libby & Aaron-1188 Libby & Aaron-1236 Libby & Aaron-1242 Libby & Aaron-1261 Libby & Aaron-1277 Libby & Aaron-1295 Libby & Aaron-1350 Libby & Aaron-1356 Libby & Aaron-1389 Libby & Aaron-1434 Libby & Aaron-1510 Libby & Aaron-1540 Libby & Aaron-1637 Libby & Aaron-1729 Libby & Aaron-1765 Libby & Aaron-1836 Libby & Aaron-1942 Libby & Aaron-2160 Libby & Aaron-2175 Libby & Aaron-2343 Libby & Aaron-2395 Libby & Aaron-2431 Libby & Aaron-2462 Libby & Aaron-2508 Libby & Aaron-2626 Libby & Aaron-2657 Libby & Aaron-2714 Libby & Aaron-3011 Libby & Aaron-3195 Libby & Aaron-3344 Libby & Aaron-3609 Libby & Aaron-3633 Libby & Aaron-3695 Libby & Aaron-3698 Libby & Aaron-3702 Libby & Aaron-3709

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Kayleigh & Adam – 16th February 2015, Newton Hall.

Kayleigh & Adam fell in love with Newton Hall the moment they entered the grounds! The glamerous couple got engaged in Ibiza and met back when they were in school 13 years ago and have been inseperable ever since. Adam in his Moss Bros suit and Kayleigh in her Accent Original Bridal dress looked absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day full of fun and laughter. The Spockers wish you both an amazing life together and hope you enjoy these images for many years to come. RECOMMENDED SUPPLIER FOR NEWTON HALL BRINGING FASHION AND GLAM TO THE WEDDING SECTOR. KAYLEIGH & ADAM-20 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-250 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-647 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-687 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-788 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-820 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-852 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-931 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1016 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1083 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1125 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1150 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1228 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1274 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1289 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1357 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1463 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1470 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1511 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1639 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1713 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1778 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1815 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-1912 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2010 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2019 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2195 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2205 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2210 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2215 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2216 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2225 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2235 KAYLEIGH & ADAM-2247

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